Why Save Your Baby’s Umbilical Cord Blood with Cells4Life

JUN28-Why Save Your Baby’s Umbilical Cord Blood with Cells4Life

Founded in 2002, Cells4Life is one of the leading stem cell storage provider in the UK, with many years of experience and a proven track record. We are a dedicated, science-led organisation that offers the most advanced technologies for processing and storing your baby's umbilical cord blood. Cells4Life has more than 150,000 cord blood samples in our accredited storage laboratories in the UK and we have released samples for stem cell treatment of conditions such as brain injury, leukaemia, cerebral palsy, perinatal stroke, and autism.

Why save the umbilical cord blood

Your newborn baby's umbilical cord blood presents a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to capture a rich source of stem cells that can treat more than 85 diseases including metabolic disorders, certain types of cancers, and blood disorders.

Stem cells from the cord blood is also known as the 'master cells'. They can transform into any kind of specialised cell, depending on what the body needs. Currently, over 40,000 cord blood transplants have been done worldwide and these valuable stem cells are a subject of more than 7,000 clinical trials to treat many conditions.

Your baby's umbilical cord blood is their perfect biological match. There is a 25% chance of being a perfect match to siblings and there is also a possibility of being a match for parents. Saving the cord blood does not only benefit your baby but it protects your whole family's health as well.

Watch the video below to learn more about why many expecting parents are choosing to save their baby's cord blood with a private stem cell bank.


World-leader in newborn stem cell banking

Cells4Life offers the most comprehensive range of cord blood banking options for expecting parents around the world. We have three different cord blood processing technologies you can use from:

1. CellsPlus Storage - this service is exclusive to Cells4Life. We are the only cord blood bank that provides this option. Our patented TotiCyte technology removes 99.3% of the red blood cells in the cord blood and delivers 3 times more stem cells at the point of treatment than any other method.

2. Whole Cord Blood Storage - this stores the whole cord blood sample that enables to capture all stem cell types present in the cord blood. That includes mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs), haematopoietic stem cells (HSCs), and more.

3. Volume-Reduced Cord Blood Storage - using the AXP technology, we extract the maximum number of HSCs from the cord blood sample.

Not just a cord blood bank

At Cells4Life, you have more option to store the maximum amount of stem cells at your baby's birth:

4. Cord Tissue Storage - as an add-on service to cord blood storage, we can also store a portion of the umbilical cord (cord tissue) which is known to be rich in MSCs and it also contains stem cells not found in the cord blood.

5-6. Placenta and Amnion Banking - Cells4Life is the only stem cell bank in the UK accredited by the HTA and AABB to collect, process, and store the cord blood, cord tissue, placental cells and amnion for therapeutic use.

Learn more about the services we offer:


Learn more about placenta and amnion banking:


Unrivalled storage protection

Cells4Life is also the only stem cell bank that provides you the option to store samples in 2 geographically separate storage locations in the UK accredited by the HTA. This is done in case there is an unforeseen accident or natural disaster which impacts one of our storage facilities. We also store the umbilical cord blood, cord tissue, and amnion in multiple subdivisions that gives you the opportunity to use just a portion of the sample stored and keep the rest in storage until needed for a stem cell transplant.

Once your baby is born, it is crucial for the collected cord blood sample to be processed and stored as quickly as possible. Our UK laboratory operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year for this reason.  Dedicated medical couriers will pick up your baby’s umbilical cord blood sample and transport it to our facility in our unique cord blood collection kit. Cells4Life follows rigorous collection, storage, quality and safety procedures designed by experienced scientists and medical professionals. Once the sample has arrived at the laboratory, it is processed immediately.

Business continuity insurance

To ensure the continued quality and safety of your baby's samples, Cells4Life are fully insured to cover the costs of moving your baby’s umbilical cord blood stem cells to another licensed storage facility should an accident or corporate failure occur.

The importance of choosing the right cord blood bank:

It is important to use a reputable cord blood bank when storing something as precious as your baby's cord blood. The storage will be for a long time so you should choose a company that has many years of experience in the field. Here are some of the most important questions to ask a cord blood banking specialist:

  • Is the company reliable and financially stable, with no issues of bankcruptcy in the past?
  • Is the storage agreement signed directly with the cord blood bank?
  • What type of accreditation/s does the storage facility hold?
  • Is the storage facility licensed to store newborn stem cells?
  • Is the laboratory privately owned facility, or do they simply provide storage for several different companies and services?
  • Can the company supply you with clinical proof of their processing methods and statements?
  • Will your baby's sample be shipped to the laboratory in a specialised collection kit?

Learn more about these top questions to ask a specialist here.

Cells4Life has one purpose: to provide your child with the best possible treatment opportunities. Thousands of parents from around the world have chosen Cells4Life as the best stem cell bank for their children. Cord blood banking process is simple, quick and completely safe. Watch the video below to learn more about the easy steps to saving your baby's umbilical cord blood:


Want to learn more about cord blood banking? Contact us to speak with one of our specialist at +971 4 3116613 or send us an email. You may also download our FREE Cord Blood Info Pack - simply click the banner below to get your copy.

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