Useful Tips for Successful Cord Blood Banking in UAE


The demand for saving cord blood is rapidly increasing in the UAE and other Middle East countries. Many parents have discovered the medical benefits of storing their child’s umbilical cord blood for future medical procedures and regenerative medicine. The main challenge parents face after deciding to bank their child’s umbilical cord blood is how to have a successful cord blood banking in UAE.

Here are some useful tips in choosing a cord blood bank and the process of cord blood banking:

1) Cord blood bank with reputable background

When looking for cord blood banks in UAE, you should consider asking for recommendations from your family, friends, general practitioner and midwife. They may have experience dealing with a cord blood bank before.

You should also check the company’s profile to determine which provider has the highest level of experience with cord blood banking in UAE. Finding a cord blood bank who store cord blood samples in a safe location is also crucial. Your child might not need to use their cord blood for many years so the sample must be kept in a very safe and stable location. Ideally you should find a cord blood bank who store cord blood samples in multiple locations for additional safety.

2) Cord blood bank that has all of the Regulatory Requirements

The cord blood bank should be registered with the Human Tissue Authority (HTA) and have fulfilled all regulatory requirements. The cord blood bank should also be regularly audited. A well-audited company assures you that all cord blood samples are screened, processed, and stored following the strictest quality assurance guidelines.

3) Understand the entire cord blood banking process

Before deciding to choose a cord blood bank in UAE, find out some specifics of how they process the cord blood samples. For example, how quickly will they receive the cord blood? What delivery method will they use? How will the sample be packaged? Will it use a special cooling device for transport? How quickly will the sample be processed and stored once it reaches the facility?

To ensure the sample is processed rapidly and safely, the cord blood bank should have a very rigorous and well-planned schedule. Look for details of the collection and storage methods and if you don’t find a great deal of detail, ask them questions. It is extremely important to get the sample quickly and safely into storage so you maintain maximum viability.

4) Business Stability

You should find out how long the cord blood bank has been operating. An experienced cord blood bank is more likely to have a successful track record and follow good business practices. Stability matters with companies offering cord blood banking services — you are looking for a reputable company with long term success.

You should also ensure the cord blood bank has Business Continuity Insurance with the HTA. This form of insurance means that if the company experience financial problems, your child’s umbilical cord stem cells remain safe.


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Cells4Life Cord Blood Banking in UAE

Cells4Life is a highly experienced and trustworthy cord blood banking service based in the UK. MedCells is the exclusive distributor of Cells4Life cord blood banking in UAE and other Middle East regions such as Kuwait, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, Lebanon and more.

Cells4Life was established in 2002 by highly experienced Dr Jeff Drew to store his own child’s umbilical cord blood and currently have more than 150,000 cord blood samples in storage.

Cells4Life store the cord blood samples in two geographically separate locations and split the sample into 3-6 divisions for additional security and flexibility of using the cord blood in the future. Cells4Life offers a 20, 25, 30, 35 and 60 years storage plan.

A specialised courier is also used to pick up and deliver the cord blood samples to the laboratory, where it is processed immediately. The laboratories are running 24 hours a day and 365 days a year.

Cells4Life are fully accredited and licensed by the Human Tissue Authority to store human umbilical cord blood and tissue, and have also been accredited by the American Association of Blood Banks (AABB). Cell4Life also complies with the European standards of GLP (Good Laboratory Practice), GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) and ISO principles.

Learn More about Cells4Life in UAE

Simple Steps for Cord Blood Banking in UAE with Cells4Life:


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