What to Expect in Antenatal or Childbirth Classes

Antenatal or childbirth classes can be incredibly important in giving you the information and confidence you need to take care of yourself and your baby. Although no two births are the same, a little bit of preparation and general knowledge will give you a much better idea what to expect. So, what do your antenatal classes consist of?

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What is Newborn Screening and Why is it Important?

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All new parents want the best for their baby and a constant worry is whether or not the baby is healthy. Screening tests are one way of determining if a baby has any health risks.

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What Every Pregnant Woman Should Know about Prenatal Ultrasound

Every pregnant women is likely to be offered an ultrasound scan and many look forward to them with glee. For those who are unsure, this blog post is going take a look at what a prenatal ultrasound is and what it means for you.

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8 Ways to Take Care of Yourself During Pregnancy

Becoming a parent, whether it’s for the first time or not, is incredibly exciting. And to ensure everything goes smoothly and that your baby developes correctly, you’re going to want to do everything possible to take care of yourself during your pregnancy.

A healthy pregnancy isn’t impossible to achieve. Here are some simple steps to taking care of yourself while pregnant:

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How to Get a Better Night's Sleep During Pregnancy

Your body needs sleep, more so when you’re pregnant, but unfortunately it’s not always that simple. With your belly ballooning at an alarming rate, a comfortable night’s sleep can seem like a thing of the past. Here are some simple tips on getting a good night sleep during your pregnancy.

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Top Foods to Avoid During Pregnancy

You have so looked forward to getting pregnant but there’s one thing you never anticipated – the several do’s and don’ts of meal consumption during pregnancy. For this reason, before you stock up that fridge or drive down to that nearest fast food shop, you should know what not to eat. This is especially for the health of your unborn child because what you eat is what the baby takes in too.

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5 Benefits of Joining Antenatal Classes

Some expecting parents take antenatal classes a.k.a. childbirth classes, but others wonder what the benefits of joining antenatal classes are that they can't get from just reading pregnancy books. We will show you how soon-to-be parents can gain from joining antenatal classes.

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15 Inspirational Quotes for Pregnant Women

When you are feeling overwhelmed or emotionally strung out as a pregnant woman, let these inspirational quotes comfort your mind.

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5 Online Communities for First-Time Mums-To-Be

When it comes to having your first child it can be a daunting time. You can think that you are all alone and that you are going to struggle. Fortunately with social media and the internet then others in the same position as yourself can easily be found. We look at some of the best online communities for mums-to-be in the UAE.

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11 Best Online Apps to Help Manage Stress During Pregnancy

Pregnancy can be a stressful time, particularly if you are a first-time mum. Fortunately, in today's modern times, we can use apps on our devices to help us deal with stress. These can help us keep track of what is going on and soothe away our anxieties. We take a look at 11 of the best apps for pregnant women.

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