Successful Placenta Stem Cell Transplant Stories

In the final article of our 4 part series on placenta banking, we are going to share some transplant success stories using placental cells. These stories highlight the therapeutic value of the placenta and the many ways in which it can be used to treat people suffering from injuries or disease.

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Placenta Banking: How Does It Work?

Welcome to part 3 in our series on placenta banking. In this article, we are going to take a closer look at how placenta banking works. This includes an explanation of what happens during the collection process and how the placental cells and amnion are stored for later use.

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Placental Cells: Benefits and Future Uses

Welcome to part two in our four part series on placenta banking. In this article, we will be taking a closer look at thebenefits and future uses of placental cells.

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Expecting Parents Guide to Placenta Banking

Being an expecting parent is an exciting and joyous experience, but it can be quite nerve- wracking. While you are looking forward to seeing your baby, you may be concerned about their health. Aside from the challenges faced during childbirth, parents often wonder how they should be safeguarding their child’s health for the years to come.

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