5 Simple Yet Meaningful Ways to Celebrate the New Year with Family

It has been said that the New Year gives us a chance to start again on a new slate.  It is for this reason that it is the most celebrated holiday throughout the world.  

The key to having a wonderful New Year celebration is to simplify things and focus on what is important. Just consider what you love about the holidays and ignore what feels mandatory. This article seeks to provide you with 5 simple yet meaningful ways to celebrate the New Year with family.

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5 Creative Ideas to Celebrate the Festive Season at Home

The festive season, one of the most anticipated seasons in almost here with us. Amidst a worldwide coronavirus pandemic, the celebrations are bound to be different this year. While many families usually celebrate together, this year it will be different since the number of people at the dinner table will be fewer.  As a result of the various restrictions, there are bound to be fewer activities and some people might not travel.

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12 Inspirational Quotes for Parents

When it comes to parenting it is never easy and sometimes you just need to stop and think to regain your focus. Here are some inspirational parenting quotes to help you do just that.

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8 Real-Life Lessons About Parenthood from Celebrities

When it comes to tips on parenthood there are always those that are willing to share. As any new mum will tell you then advice is always welcome to help them get through things. When it comes to celebrity mums you might ask how they manage to do it. Well here are 8 lessons that they have learnt to deal with parenthood.

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Indoor Summer Activities for Your Kids During the Covid-19 Pandemic

The Covid-19 pandemic has meant that we need to find new ways to entertain ourselves and our kids. Not only have day trips and holidays been cancelled over the past few months, but we have all had to learn to spend more time in our own homes.

It isn’t always easy to make staying in fun or exciting, particularly when it seems like this is all you have done for weeks, but with our help we are going to try.

We have put together a range of summer indoor activities which you can do with your kids during home quarantine, not only to make them smile but also to keep them entertained too.

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5 Tips for Families to Enjoy a Safe, Fun Summer Season during Covid-19 Outbreak

It is a hard balance to achieve when it comes to being a parent. You want your kids to be safe, especially during these difficult times, but you also want them to be happy and have a sense of “life as normal”. This is particularly true now that summer is upon us and many families will be thinking about organising day trips, holidays and plenty of fun in the sun.

If you are worried about Covid-19, but you still want to have the best summer possible with your kids; then why not take a look at our guide to how to make sure that you and your family have a safe, fun summer season even with the pandemic around?

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How to Keep Your Kids Safe in Pools During the Covid-19 Pandemic

With so many restrictions placed on all our lives due to Covid-19, parents around the world are trying to find alternative ways to keep their children entertained, ways that they may not normally use. This includes getting out the pool in the back garden, or perhaps visiting a local community pool so that they can have the chance to splash around and have some fun.

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6 Tips for Going Outside with your Kids During Covid-19 Pandemic

It has been a strange few months and 2020 will go down in history as the year that so many of us would much rather forget. Whilst it has been tricky for everyone to try and navigate our Covid-19 lives, it is incredibly difficult for those who have children.

Not only have parents had to keep themselves and their families safe, but they have also had to find new ways to keep everyone entertained and sane during a time of lockdown.

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How to Keep Your Kids Active and Safe During the Coronavirus Pandemic

Being stuck inside our own homes with limited access to activities has been one of the hardest parts of the whole Covid-19 lockdown. For the first part it was easy enough to think of ways to entertain our kids, but, as the time has gone on, it has got harder and harder.

Harder to find ways to be active, harder to find ways to stay fit and healthy. Not only for us as adults, but also for our kids too.

If you are a parent who is struggling to encourage their kids to be active during home quarantine, then you might want to take a look through our top tips on how to keep them moving in a safe way.

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5 Tips On Keeping Your Child Healthy During The COVID-19 Outbreak

Keeping our kids healthy has never been more important. We hear plenty of things about how we need to ensure that we protect our children from Covid-19. However, what about doing our best to protect our children from any other illnesses or diseases?

There are plenty of things that we can do to keep our children healthy during the Covid-19 pandemic; to help you, we have put together our top 5 tips to keep in mind.

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