5 Simple Tips to Prevent Dehydration During Pregnancy

May 23 - Prevent Dehydration During Pregnancy

As summer approaches and the daily temperatures increase, it’s vital that all mums-to-be, whether you’re in your first trimester or third, ensure they remain hydrated at all times to reduce risk and keep both mum and baby healthy. This article is going to look at 5 simple ways you can prevent dehydration.

Drink water frequently

The obvious one is to ensure you’re drinking water regularly. It’s also important to note that drinking high volumes of water in a short space of time isn’t going to solve the issue and so you need to ensure you’re drinking smaller amounts more regularly throughout the day.

Add some lemon to your water

Although water is key to keeping hydrated, not everyone is a fan of the plain flavour associated with this necessity. And after a while, it can even seem like it’s not all that refreshing either. Add a slice of lemon or orange to your water to give it a touch of flavour.

Try other liquids if you get bored

And if you are getting super bored of water – with or without the lemon – you can incorporate juices and smoothies instead. Although they won’t give you as much hydration as plain water, drinking liquids on a regular basis – irrelevant of what they are – will help nonetheless.  If drinking a couple of juices or smoothies throughout the day as well as plenty of water is what it takes, then don’t hold back.

Avoid caffeine

Having said that, there are some liquids you should avoid. Tea is a diuretic and can leave you feeling thirstier than before. As for caffeine, stay clear of soda drinks and coffee. Caffeinated drinks might make you feel like your hydrated, but they actually dehydrate the body and don’t provide the necessary nutrients other drinks provide.

As you’re likely to already know, there are other reasons why caffeinated drinks, particularly coffee, should be avoided whilst pregnant as they can often increase the risk of complications.

Avoid activities that make you sweat

Whilst also ensuring you’re drinking the right stuff, it’s important to ensure you’re not exacerbating the issue. Strenuous activities that cause the body to sweat can dehydrate the body faster and will require your fluid intake to increase in order to combat this.

That isn’t to say you should avoid exercise completely but be aware of which exercises are recommended by your doctor and which activities are considered too much. If it’s hot outside, don’t bathe in the sun for long periods of time or do your exercises in the midday heat.

Remaining hydrated is a crucial part of a healthy pregnancy and this can mean changing habits and routines in order to ensure your fluid intake is high enough to keep you hydrated. Following our top tips above should not only help you to stay on top of your fluid intake but will also help you to have a healthier pregnancy. If you have any questions about the liquids you should and shouldn’t drink, then speak to your doctor.



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