Tips to Prevent Birth Defects During Pregnancy

Jan 10 - Prevent Birth Defects During Pregnancy

Birth defects do happen when babies are born. However, women can increase their chances of having a healthy baby by taking some precaution and following certain guidelines.

Here are some tips to prevent birth defects during pregnancy:


Avoid Drinking Alcohol

This is the first and foremost thing that you have to do. When you find out that you are pregnant, you may still go to parties. But whatever may be the occasion, you have to avoid alcohol at any cost because it is very harmful for your baby.

Avoid Lifting Weights

When you get pregnant, you should avoid lifting any heavy items or weights, because this will stretch the muscles and may put unnecessary strain to your body muscles which is not good for you and your baby’s health. Here's a useful guide to simple exercises during pregnancy for you.

Infection Prevention

Wash your hands properly after using the bathroom, while preparing food and before consuming the food. Keep your home clean and maintain sanitation in your house.


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Consume Folic Acid

Folic acid consists of vitamin B that prevents the birth defect in brain and spine. Add 400 Micrograms of folic acid to your diet daily without failing. You can get them either from the supplements or from the foods that contain folic acid. Neural Tube defects (NTD) are very common during pregnancy. However, if folic acid is consumed in enough quantity and on a regular basis then NTD’s can be prevented.

Maintain a Healthy Diet and Weight

If you are an obese person, it is likely that you will gain much more weight during your pregnancy and post pregnancy period. So, start taking healthy diets and maintain your weight and health by regularly taking morning walk and evening walk. If possible, take a walk after having dinner and then go to sleep.

Consult Your Doctor Regularly

As soon as you find out that you are pregnant, consult a nearby doctor and do not miss your regular check ups. Your doctor will prepare a diet chart and daily activities timetable for you, which you have to follow on a regular basis. This will keep a check on you and your baby’s health.

Take Vaccinations during Pregnancy

Consult your doctor about the vaccinations that can be taken during pregnancy, which can prevent certain type of birth defects in the baby. Pregnant women are often sensitive to catch a flu, so they should consult their doctor about getting a flu shot in order to fight flu. Because, if not taken this might be harmful for both the mother and the child.

Get Plenty of Rest and Fluids

Take plenty of rest and consume water and juice as much as you can. Keep your body hydrated. Laying position while sleeping is also important. It is suggested that during pregnancy, you should lie on the left side, this will increase the blood circulation to the baby and the risk of swelling decreases.

These tips will help you get through your pregnancy period and have a healthy and happy baby. By applying these tips you can prevent certain types of birth defects and take care of any unwanted problem that may arise in future with your pregnancy.

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