The Importance of Whole Cord Blood Stem Cells

Scientifically, whole cord blood storage is the best way to store a child’s cord blood as it contains all of the constituents of the blood, from the stem cells to growth factors and hormones, as well as the ‘undiscovered’ constituents, thus providing far more opportunities for use in the future.

Why Saving Cord Blood Stem Cells is the Best Option?

  1. Maintains the highest level of viability – the blood is not manipulated.
  2. Storing whole cord blood is ‘future proofing’ – storage of all known constituents of the blood as well as those not discovered yet.
  3. Cord blood contains other key stem cell groups such as Mesenchymal Stem Cells (MSCs) and Very Small Embryonic-Like Stem Cells (VSELs), as well as blood forming cells, Haematopoietic Stem Cells (HSCs).
  4. Stem cells can be extracted at any time – if the patient needs stem cells from the whole cord blood, they can be extracted from the thawed cord blood at any time.

The below illustration highlights the benefits of storing whole cord blood stem cells:

Whole Cord Blood Stem Cell Benefits

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Why Store Stem Cells Privately?

Research proves that stem cell treatment is often far more effective when the patient’s own stem cells are used. That’s why Cells4Life helps parents to take full advantage of once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to collect and store the richest source of a child’s stem cells immediately after their birth. Should they ever need them, the child now has exclusive access to a supply of their own stem cells.

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