Summer Style Tips for Pregnant Women


Managing your summer style whilst pregnant sounds easy but can be really tricky, especially when all you want to do is strip down and walk around naked. Considering this isn't an option in public, this article is going to look at our top summer style tips for pregnant women.

Flowing maternity dresses

These are likely to be your favourite warm weather clothes and will be really easy to dress up with some chunky jewellery and some low slung heels. Maternity dresses are even great for dressing down with a floppy hat and some sandals. With such versatility, they're the ideal summer wardrobe clothing.

Maxi dresses

If you have any maternity dresses from your pre-pregnancy days that don't have a 'nipped-in' waist, these are great for your maternity wardrobe. One of our favourite tips for pregnant women is talking about how you can reuse clothes throughout. When it does come to repurposing your maxi dresses, just remember that your bump is going to hoist the hemline up by a few inches.

Lightweight maternity pants

Comfort is of paramount importance during your final months of pregnancy. Lightweight maternity pants that stretch will help you to feel comfortable and cool. These style pants are pretty fashionable too but be sure to buy some that have a waistline that will sit underneath your bump.


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Underwear that's a size bigger

Stretching your pre-pregnancy clothes may not seem like a big deal when you're desperate for something comfortable to wear, but come post-pregnancy, you won't want stretched and misshapen clothes. So instead of ruining the underwear you already have, by a pack in a size bigger than you normally go for to ensure maximum comfort.

PJ bottoms

Another one on the comfort scale, PJ bottoms are great for when you're feeling hot and flustered during the warm summer months. One of our top tips for pregnant women is to not bother investing in maternity PJs. Instead, you might be surprised at the flexibility of your current ones, especially if they have a drawstring waist.

Simple but stretchable tank tops

Instead of stretching your current clothes out of shape, purchase some cheap tank tops that you won't mind throwing away post-pregnancy. Not only does this protect your current clothes but it also means you won't be disappointed when your old tops are all out of shape.

Skirts are a great choice

Whether you want to rock the pencil skirt, or the ruffle skirt, skirts are a great maternity clothing choice. Comfortable and airy, skirts are a practical choice for keeping you cool throughout the summer whilst also looking stylish and on trend.


Bold, bright, striped and blocked. Colours are amazing, especially if you're rocking your own maternity trend. One of our best tips for pregnant women is to embrace colour in bold patterns and gorgeous floral designs. If you're not feeling too great, bright and bold colours are great ways to brighten your mood and make you feel on top of the world again.


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