8 Simple Food Recipes for Kids During the Cold Weather


Cooking during the winter can sometimes lose its appeal, especially on a weeknight when all you want to do is sit down for five minutes with a glass of wine. So what easy to cook recipes can you rustle up that are not only healthy but are simple to make?

Deeply D’Lish Pizza

Every kid loves pizza, right? So this pizza twist is the perfect opportunity to include a healthier option in their diet. Taking less than half an hour, this home pizza recipe is an excellent way to stay away from the processed frozen stuff you’re more likely to buy.

Check out the recipe here

Honey Garlic Chicken

This recipe from Damn Delicious is perfect for those cold winter nights and only takes half an hour to prep and cook, making it ideal for those busy weekday nights, but it contains a whole bunch of flavours that will keep your kids taste buds tingling.

Check out the recipe here

Easy Stovetop Mac and Cheese

Who can argue against the classic mac’n’cheese? This easy stovetop recipe is perfect and both quick and easy, too. Whether you’ve had a busy day or you just want to get dinner out of the way, this recipe is the perfect solution and will help to keep everyone happy.

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Chicken Noodle Soup

If you’re looking to cook something a bit different, then maybe this chicken noodle soup recipe is what you need? As a low carb option, this recipe is healthy for the whole family, and will come as a nice surprise too.

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Ooey Gooey Cheesy Stuffed Shells

This recipe doesn’t take that long to prep, and only takes half an hour to cook, so is ideal for the midweek meal. The secret sauce is also sure to be a winner with everyone. It’s also incredibly versatile and you can always add a little bit of meat or different herbs to keep it different.

Check out the recipe here

Slow Cooker Italian Meatballs

Okay, so this one isn’t that quick as it takes around 4 and half hours, but that’s mainly because you leave them in the slow cooker throughout the day. Because it requires very little prep, this recipe is perfect for those busy days getting stuff done around the house.

Check out the recipe here

Slow Cooker Whole Wheat Lasagne

Another one for the slow cooker, this lasagne is a vegetarian version of the classic a favourite we all love in those winter months. But with the added elements of whole wheat pasta, this healthy alternative is great for cold winter nights.

Check out the recipe here

Slow Cooker Honey Sesame Chicken

If you enjoyed the honey and chicken recipe from Damn Delicious, then this honey sesame chicken recipe from Crème de la Crumb may also be a good option. Using a slow cooker again, this recipe is delicious and the perfect healthy dish on a cold winter’s night.

Check out the recipe here


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