Parent's Guide to a Successful Cord Blood Banking


Many people might not know just how effective cord blood banking actually is. Cord blood banking is nowadays highly regarded among the medical community as well as many parents, who are aware of the positive effects that it can bring for future sickness and medical conditions.

If you are one of those parents who decided to save your baby's cord blood, signing the contract and paying the initial deposit is just the first step. Here's a simple guide for a successful cord blood banking experience.

1. TLC for your cord blood collection kit

Without the cord blood collection kit, you will have nowhere to put your baby's cord blood sample so you have to take good care of it while waiting for your due date. You should not keep it in your vehicle for a long time, especially during summer months. It is advisable to keep your collection kit beside your overnight bag that you will be bringing to the hospital on the day of the delivery so you will not forget about it.


2. Clear communication with your doctor or midwife

It is important to tell your doctor or midwife that you want to collect your baby's cord blood prior to your delivery date so they can prepare accordingly. And if you want to save a piece of your baby's umbilical cord too, you should mention it soon so they can collect it before they dispose the umbilical cord.



3. Ask for assistance when shipping the kit

Once your baby's cord blood is collected and the collection kit is properly packed and sealed, you will have to call your Cells4Life representative who will assist you by preparing all the necessary paperwork and shipping the kit to the designated laboratory.


4. Wait for the results

It usually takes 2-3 days from the day the sample is received at the lab, to determine the cord blood's volume, viability and cell count. And after 4-6 weeks, all tests should have been completed and you will receive a certificate detailing the results. If there are results or terms that you don't understand, please ask our cord blood specialists to explain it to you further.


5. Pay your balance in time

Cells4Life offers installment plans and a variety of payment options such as cash, cheque, bank transfer or credit card. So feel free to discuss it with your Cells4Life cord blood banking specialist and they will be happy to arrange a payment plan that will suit you.




The success of saving your baby's cord blood isn't just the responsibility of the cord blood bank and the person collecting the cord blood alone. You, as parents, also play an important role in it, and you'll do a good job if you consider the above points throughout the process! :)

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