Newborn Baby Skin Care Tips for First Time Mums


Your newborn baby’s skin is super soft and free of all the marks and irritation of life. Although it’s an uncontrollable urge to nuzzle and stroke their skin, this alone won’t be enough to keep it in good condition. Due to its delicate nature, there are a variety of newborn baby skin care tips that you need to know about in order to keep your baby soft and rash free.

Sun protection

Your baby shouldn’t be in direct sun light for the first six months of their life. Be sure to keep their skin well covered if you do go outside – particularly when it’s hot. Avoid using sunscreen and instead opt for keeping their skin covered, and keeping them in the shade.

Using sunscreen on a baby under the age of six months could result in them being given an overdose in the chemicals that are used in sunscreen.

New clothes

Before you dress your baby in any new clothes, be sure to wash them first. You don’t know where the clothes have been or who’s been handling them, so it’s best to be on the safe side and you can also use this opportunity to soften them a little during the wash.


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Bathing routine

To get the best newborn baby skin care routine, you must first master the basics of baby bathing. Bathe your newborn two to three times a week in warm water – not hot. You only need a couple of inches of water for this, but you can prevent baby from getting cold by continuously rinsing a little bit of the water over their shoulders. Make sure you use baby shampoo when washing their scalp, and once they’re dry, be sure to use baby lotion to seal in the moisture.

Diaper rash

Although diapers are an essential part of keeping your baby clean and fresh, you need to change them as soon as their diaper has been soiled. This will help to prevent skin irritations and rashes.

You might even find that certain diapers may irritate their skin and so it would be worth considering changing brand. In order to take care of your newborn baby’s skin, be sure to keep a close eye on their diaper area for any tell-tale signs of a rash.

Skin products

Any skin products you use in your newborn baby skin care routine should be fragrant free to avoid causing irritation. Products that are scented could irritate the delicate skin so stick to baby-friendly and fragrant-free products.

Dry skin

If your baby is suffering from dry skin, then it could be as a result of bathing them too often. In the first few weeks, only bathe them with water and avoid using products.

Additionally, keep an eye on whether or not your baby is allergic to certain products and be sure to use baby-friendly ones in your future newborn baby skin care routine. If you have any concerns about their dry skin, then please consult your doctor.


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