New Year, New You: 15 Ways to be a Better Parent

Jan 04 - New Year, New You - 15 Ways to be a Better Parent

As a parent, all we want is to raise healthy, confident and happy children. There is so much advice available to parents on how to raise children and how to be better parents. Here are just a few ways to be a better parent that you may want to start working on as part of your New Year’s resolution!

1. Children need to have limits, as this will help them understand and manage boundaries. Set limits for your children and help them explore and discover their passions.

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2. Part of your child’s development is to gain independence. Give your child responsibilities, this will help them develop the necessary skills to gain independence and help build self-esteem.

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3. Your child needs to learn self-reliance. Allow your child to come up with their own solution to problems and help by supporting their solution and acknowledging their resilience.

4. Do not use discipline as a punishment. Learn to enforce limits that teach them how to behave, and guide them to become caring and competent.

5. Children have trouble absorbing too many rules. Pick your battles and focus on things that really matter.

6. Spend time with your children daily. Choose any activity, including reading and playing games. This special time will build a deep bond between you.

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7. Children learn by watching. They will immolate everything you do – so be the best role model you can be.

8. Do not be afraid to show affection in front of your child. Hugs, kisses, holding hands, show your child that it is OK to care. Showing affection with your spouse and family is a great way to teach your child about caring and compassion.

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9. Be sure to praise your child often. Reinforce good behavior with praise, and your child will continue that behavior.

10. Teach your child good conversation skills. Ask your child three “you” questions every day, to start a dialog.

11. Teach your child to be responsible. This will create a feeling of self-worth.

12. Teach your child about eating healthy. Allow him/her to pick the meal one night a week, but it has to be healthy.

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13. Create opportunities for your child to be active as part of their daily routine. They need to have plenty of exercise.

14. Teach your child to be grateful and not spoiled. Every child is a treasure, but no one is the center of the universe. They should learn to appreciate and be thankful for everything.

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15. Show your gratitude and love. Children need to feel loved all the time. So tell and show them that you care every day! :-)

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