How Cells4Life Send Your Cord Blood Sample to the Laboratory

After the safe delivery of your baby and the collection of the cord blood sample, one of our cord blood specialists will help you arrange for a medical courier to pick up and transport the collected sample to the UK laboratory.

The Cells4Life collection kit is capable of maintaining the temperature of cord blood sample between 2­-8°C. Temperature control of cord blood shipments in the range of 2­8°C is required for FACT, AABB and JACIE standards.


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Cells4Life is the only cord blood bank operating in European and Middle East regions to provide temperature controlled packaging that retains a 2­8°C profile. Our collection kit has a built in NanoCool device which maintains the temperature blood is routinely transported at.

We do not use gel packs as some other companies operating in the GCC do as they defrost and do not maintain the required temperature for the correct amount of time. Further, this profile has been validated in extreme external temperatures exactly mimicking those found when transporting packages. Viability of your baby’s cord blood stem cells is thus importantly maintained for future use in transplants.

Our collection kit’s temperature controlled packaging ensures the safe delivery of your child’s cord blood to our facility for processing and long-­term storage. It has also been validated both in-house and by a variety of USA and EU based companies to perform to the expected standards and maintain cord blood samples at 2­8°C as per the current expert advice.

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