Footballer Ashley Cain's Daughter Receives Cord Blood Transplant to Treat Leukaemia


Professional footballer Ashley Cain was devastated when he discovered that his daughter Azaylia was diagnosed with leukaemia at only two months of age. Any child would struggle to beat leukaemia, let alone a tiny infant.

Fortunately, Azaylia’s doctors were able to access a compatible cord blood stem cell sample. These cells could be used to restore Azaylia’s immune system after she had received the chemotherapy necessary to destroy her cancerous cells.

Ashley recently shared some information about Azaylia’s progress. He wrote on social media: "Had such an amazing morning with my little princess. The energy she generates for not only herself but for me and anyone that enters the room is so irresistibly compelling!”

He later wrote: “The doctors told me this morning that she’s making her own cells ALREADY which is amazing news and they cannot believe how strong she is and how well she’s doing!"

Ashley was recently told that Azaylia is responding very well to her stem cell treatment and that no complications had been discovered.

After hearing the good news, Ashley shared his gratitude with the stem cell donor. He wrote: "DONOR: Azaylia’s stem cells came from an umbilical cord which was donated from a lady directly after giving birth. This was great for Azaylia as the umbilical cord cells are very rich and because of her age, the amount of cells in the umbilical cord are sufficient for her.”

He continued: ”Also, it meant that the cord could be requested and sent immediately for Azaylia’s urgent need of a transplant! Unfortunately as it is a cord donor, it means that we will never be able to meet the people who have given Azaylia her stem cells and the greatest gift imaginable! However, we’re extremely grateful to whoever you are and I’ll be praying for you for the rest of my life! Thank you.”

Azaylia had a hard start to her life, after being diagnosed with a rare form of leukaemia mere weeks after being born. Fortunately, cord blood stem cells may be able to help her enjoy a healthy life.

Source: Ashley Cain's baby daughter is responding well to treatment amid leukaemia battle

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