5 Facts about Cells4Life Cord Blood Bank You Should Know

It is important to thoroughly research the private cord blood banks that you are interested in before choosing one. After all — your child’s umbilical cord blood is an important medical resource that could someday save their life. To help you learn more about Cells4Life, here are 5 important facts you should know about us.

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4 Useful Tips When Choosing a Family Cord Blood Bank

Cord blood banking is a topic being discussed more often by physicians and expectant parents. It is a growing trend and more than 5 million families have stored their baby’s cord blood worldwide. The vast array of information online can be difficult to sift through. Being presented with a lot of information at a short time can be very overwhelming and you might get confused about the different cord blood banking options available for you.

Saving the cord blood at birth is a unique opportunity to preserve the stem cells within the cord blood that could possibly be used by your child or other family members in the future. Here are some tips to help you in choosing a family cord blood bank:

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Guide to Screening for Breast Cancer during Pregnancy

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month! Here is a useful guide to screening for breast cancer when you are expecting a baby.

During pregnancy, your breasts go through an enormous amount of change. They become bigger and firmer with the excess fluid that they now carry. This and the development of milk duds means that your breasts are likely to double in size. However, screening for breast cancer is just as important during the pregnancy stage as it as at any other time in your life.

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