5 Simple Yet Meaningful Ways to Celebrate the New Year with Family

It has been said that the New Year gives us a chance to start again on a new slate.  It is for this reason that it is the most celebrated holiday throughout the world.  

The key to having a wonderful New Year celebration is to simplify things and focus on what is important. Just consider what you love about the holidays and ignore what feels mandatory. This article seeks to provide you with 5 simple yet meaningful ways to celebrate the New Year with family.

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Why the Processing Method of Cord Blood Matters

If you are interested in storing your child’s cord blood, it’s important that you understand how each stage of cord blood banking works. The processing stage is particularly important as it can affect how many viable stem cells are collected from your child’s cord blood.

Despite the importance of processing, many cord blood banks don’t share much detail about the processing stage and which techniques they use. To help you learn more, this guide will explain how cord blood processing works and why it matters.

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7 Tips to Enjoying the Holiday with Your Newborn Baby

Any new parent looks forward to introducing their newborn baby to the rest of the family members and the holiday season provides them with that opportunity.  While this is a good time to have family over, it can be exhausting for new parents who could still be adjusting to having a baby around.  Newborn babies don't have a strong immune system and at a time when the world is dealing with a coronavirus pandemic, most parents are worried about protecting the baby from infection.

The holidays can be overwhelming for any parents with a newborn as they try to balance taking care of the baby and enjoying the holidays. Keep reading for 7 tips to help you enjoy the holidays with your newborn while remaining safe.

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Cord Blood Transplant: 2 Main Types You Should Know

Over the past 32 years, cord blood stem cell transplants have been used to save the lives of thousands of patients. Cord blood has been used to treat a wide variety of life-threatening conditions including cancer, immune disorders, and blood disorders.

Researchers have discovered that cord blood stem cells may also play an important role in treating conditions like heart disease, macular degeneration, rheumatoid arthritis, COVID-19, and several paediatric disorders.

To help you understand how cord blood transplants work, this guide will explain the difference between the two main types of transplants: autologous and allogenic.

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8 Tips for a Safe and Healthy Pregnancy during the Winter Season

Pregnancy is a wonderful time in any woman’s life.  However, it makes a woman’s body sensitive and more prone to getting affected by conditions that can harm her and the baby. While there’s no evidence that a pregnant woman can get seriously ill from coronavirus, pregnant women have been put on the list of those that are vulnerable[1].  Pregnancy puts a woman at risk of viruses like the coronavirus and flu. Cold weather heightens this risk.  

This article seeks to provide you with 8 tips for a safe and healthy pregnancy during the winter season.

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Cord Blood Stem Cells: Current and Future Benefits for Your Family

For over 30 years, doctors have been using cord blood stem cells to treat life threatening conditions. However, the potential uses of stem cells are even more exciting.

Researchers believe that stem cells may be used to treat currently incurable conditions like type 1 diabetes, arthritis, brain injuries, and heart disease. To help you learn more, this article will share the current and future benefits of cord blood for you and your family.

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5 Creative Ideas to Celebrate the Festive Season at Home

The festive season, one of the most anticipated seasons in almost here with us. Amidst a worldwide coronavirus pandemic, the celebrations are bound to be different this year. While many families usually celebrate together, this year it will be different since the number of people at the dinner table will be fewer.  As a result of the various restrictions, there are bound to be fewer activities and some people might not travel.

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Top 10 Newborn Stem Cells Breakthrough in 2020

2020 has been a remarkable year in terms of stem cell research, with several groundbreaking discoveries occurring throughout the year. This has included a number of successful clinical trials testing the use of newborn stem cells to treat previously incurable conditions. To help you understand the advancements that have occurred, here are the top 10 newborn stem cell breakthroughs to occur in 2020.

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Induction: What You Need to Know

Reasons, methods, risks and benefits

Most babies are ready to be born between 38 and 42 weeks by the releasing of hormones signalling to the body to get ready for birth. Most women are envisioning themselves going into labour naturally but sometimes nature needs a little help. Getting an induction can be a tough decision to make and this should be discussed in a transparent way with doctors/midwives looking after the expectant woman. Currently about the 23-29% of births are being induced compared to only 12% in the 90’s.

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20 Baby Names Inspired by the Holiday Season

The holiday season, the most magical time of the year is almost here with us. The season will even be more delightful if you have a little one on the way. The season provides one with a lot of names inspired by carols, hymns, and in some cases movies or shows that are popular with the festive season.

To help you pick a wonderful name for your bundle of joy, we have compiled a list of 10 baby boys’ names and 10 baby girls’ names inspired by the holiday season.

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