Keeping Your Child Safe and Reassured during the COVID-19 Outbreak

With the ongoing news reports about the COVID-19 outbreak, it’s hard to escape what’s happening in the world. While we find it scary, it’s even harder for our children. Not only are they confused about not seeing friends and family and not going to school and groups like normal, but they are also frightened about the virus. It’s so important to make this period the best possible for your children so they don’t feel uneasy and nervous during the weeks ahead. You don’t want their sleeping habits to be affected or even their mental health. In fact, here is our guide to keeping your child safe and reassured during the Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak.

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Guide to Boosting the Immune System for Pregnant Women

It’s well-known that pregnancy can have an effect on a mum to be’s immune system. As it weakens the important system, they are a lot more vulnerable to illnesses and viruses. In fact, they have to get the flu jab to help prevent them from getting this illness which can leave them seriously ill.

Pregnant women are also at higher risk of getting Coronavirus due to their low immune system. Due to this news, a lot of women are trying to find ways to boost their immune system. That way they can protect themselves and their baby during their pregnancy. Therefore, here is a guide to boosting the immune system for pregnant women.

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5 Creative Ways to Entertain Your Kids Staying at Home due to Coronavirus

With the kids at home for the foreseeable future, we need to get creative when it comes to keeping them busy. You don’t want them to be bored when you get the same activities out again and again during the day.  However, thinking of new ideas is harder than you think. That is why we have found 5 creative ways to entertain your kids staying at home due to Coronavirus (COVID-19), perfect for sparking their imagination and boosting their creative skills.

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Simple but Healthy Recipes to Cook at Home for Your Family

It’s so important to ensure your children have a healthy and nutritious diet. Eating healthily will ensure they have good physical and mental health. However, it’s tricky to find easy recipes to make in our busy lifestyles. In fact, a lot of families end up resorting to fast food or ready meals as they haven’t got time to cook. And healthier choices often leave families out-of-pocket. But to ensure your kids stay healthy, here are some simple but healthy recipes to cook at home for your family. That way, you can ensure they are having a good diet without the need to spend hours over the stove. And a lot of these even our very little ones can try when starting food exploration.

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Online Activities to Keep Your Kids Busy at Home during COVID-19 Outbreak

With the kids home now due to the COVID-19 Outbreak, it’s so important to find ways to keep them busy during the day. You want to ensure they are still stimulated with educational and fun activities. It’s so important to ensure they don’t fall behind when it comes to their education. And the day is bound to drag for you and your kids if you don’t keep them busy with activities. You don’t want to rely on the TV to entertain your child.

While there are a lot of things you can both do offline, we are lucky to have the online world with so many great activities to keep them busy. You might be surprised how much there is for your kids to do online. Here are a few online activities to keep your kids busy at home during the COVID-19 outbreak.

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4 Effective Ways to Work from Home with Kids during COVID-19 Outbreak

During the COVID-19 Outbreak, so many people are having to work from home. It ensures they stay safe while providing them with a steady income. However, with so many schools now closed, it does mean a lot of parents are having to take care of their children while working from home too. It’s difficult to concentrate when you have your kids at home. After all, they easily get distracted and often a short attention span. However, it doesn’t have to mean you don’t meet your targets. Therefore, here are four effective ways to work from home with kids during COVID-19 Outbreak.

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Coronavirus Safety Tips: What We Can Learn From Stem Cell Transplant Patients

A strain of coronavirus called COVID-19 is currently dominating the news, as it continues to spread around the globe. It is a highly infectious virus which causes respiratory illness. The symptoms include coughing, fever, tiredness, and in severe cases, difficulty breathing.

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New Study Shows Coronavirus Patient Saved By Stem Cell Treatment

In a groundbreaking new study, researchers have managed to successfully treat a critically ill COVID-19 patient using umbilical cord stem cells. If the treatment can be replicated, it has the potential to save many thousands of lives.

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Can A Mother Pass Coronavirus Onto Their Baby In The Womb?

One of the reasons why the COVID-19 pandemic has been so dangerous is that researchers know very little about how the virus behaves. They are still trying to understand how it can be treated and there is no effective vaccine currently available.

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How Stem Cells May Help Patients With Coronavirus Disease COVID-19

COVID-19 is a dangerous form of coronavirus which has rapidly spread around the globe in recent months. With a high rate of transmissibility and high death rate, COVID-19 has already been declared a public health emergency of international concern by the World Health Authority (WHO).

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