Practical Guide to Newborn Care Part 4: Newborn Bathing

Learning how to bath your newborn baby safely is a very important aspect of newborn care.  Newborn bathing can be difficult for new parents who have just learnt about holding their baby for the first time.  Dealing with a wiggling and slippery baby can be a daunting challenge!  In this part 4 of guide to newborn care series, we are going to give you some simple tips to make newborn bathing a safe, happy and enjoyable experience for both parent and child.

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Inflammation Signals Induce Dormancy in Aging Brain Stem Cells

Researchers from the German Cancer Research Center (DKFZ) recently made several new discoveries relating to how brain stem cells function. These findings will help them develop new stem cell treatments for brain injuries and neurological diseases.

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Top Foods to Eat During Pregnancy

When it comes to our overall health, fitness, and general well-being, you shouldn't need anybody to tell you that in order to be as fit and as healthy as you can possibly be, you should consume a healthy and balanced diet ─ rich in fresh and healthy foods. We should all try to eat fresh and healthy foods but if you happen to be pregnant, the importance of these healthy foods has never been higher. And you also need to make sure that you get enough exercise during your pregnancy.

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Cord Blood FAQ: What are My Family’s Chances of Using Cord Blood?

Your newborn baby’s umbilical cord blood contains stem cells that have the potential to save lives and cure devastating illnesses. The stem cells found in cord blood can be used to treat more than 80 different diseases and they have been used to save thousands of lives.

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Practical Guide to Newborn Care Part 3: Newborn Crying

Nothing is more distressing to a new parent than listening to their newborn crying.  As is common in newborn care, there can be a number of reasons causing this particular behaviour. In part three of the guide to newborn care series we’ll take a look at why newborns cry and when you should be concerned.

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Japan Approves World’s First Trial Using iPS Cells for Corneal Disease

The Japanese government’s health ministry has just approved a clinical study which uses pluripotent stem cells (iPSCs) to treat patients with corneal disease. The study will be carried out by researchers from Osaka University. It is only the sixth time that a study using IPSCs has been approved by the Japanese government.

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5 Essential Dental Care Tips for Pregnant Women

Many women suffer from problems with their gums and teeth during their pregnancy, and although many will skip their regular check-up, it’s vital that you take note of how to correctly care for your teeth during this time. This blog post is going to look at the five most important dental care tips for pregnant women.

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Stem Cells: The Building Blocks of the Human Body

Stem cells are powerful cells that are essential for life. Often referred to as the building blocks of the human body, stem cells are young cells that can develop into other types of cells. They perform many critical tasks that are necessary for life, including healing our injuries and maintaining the health of our internal organs.

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Practical Guide to Newborn Care Part 2: Newborn Feeding

Many of the common concerns that new parents have about their baby are related to newborn feeding behaviour. Common questions include:

  • How many times a day should my newborn be feeding?
  • How much should they ingest with each feeding?
  • When can I switch them to the bottle?
  • What are the main difference between breast milk and formula?

Thankfully, years of research have gone into answering those questions for parents. Here is a practical guide to newborn care that will talk about feeding to help you understand this crucial component of taking care of your infant.

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Cord Blood Transplant Corrects Very Early Onset Irritable Bowel Disease

A baby in China has become the first child to receive a stem cell transplant to treat an inherited form of irritable bowel disease. It is a significant breakthrough because there is currently no cure for this often-fatal condition.

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5 Facts about Cells4Life Cord Blood Bank You Should Know

It is important to thoroughly research the private cord blood banks that you are interested in before choosing one. After all — your child’s umbilical cord blood is an important medical resource that could someday save their life. To help you learn more about Cells4Life, here are 5 important facts about us!

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Practical Guide to Newborn Care Part 1: Newborn Sleeping

When parents bring a newborn baby home for the first time, they want to ensure that the baby is healthy, happy and everything is progressing well.  One common concern for new parents is how long and how often their newborn should be sleeping.

Newborn sleeping patterns can be unusual to say the least!  Here is a simple guide to newborn care that will specifically talks about how to help your newborn sleep well.

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Researchers Demonstrate the Efficiency of Umbilical Cord Tissue

Researchers from the Peoples' Friendship University of Russia recently published details of a process to obtain more stem cells from umbilical cord tissue. Details of their findings were published in the journal Stem Cell Research & Therapy.

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6 Safety Driving Tips for Pregnant Women

Hopefully this doesn’t alarm you but there are statistics that show pregnant women are more likely to be in a car accident. Don’t panic though, this is mainly attributed to fatigue, dizzy spells and being unfocused. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t drive but there are some safety driving tips for pregnant women that you should be aware of.

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What Does the Future Hold for Cord Blood Stem Cell Treatments?

Research into the use of cord blood stem cells continues to move at a rapid pace. There are exciting new discoveries being made on a weekly basis — many of which could completely change how certain conditions are treated. To help you understand the ramifications of these findings, this article will focus on what the future holds for cord blood stem cell treatments.

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