6 Ways to Stop Your Child from Watching Too Much TV

Determining how much television is healthy for a child to watch can be difficult for a parent. Watching the television can be very entertaining for young children, it may help them develop some language skills and it gives them a chance to learn about the world. On the other hand it can be very addictive and research has shown it can even contribute to obesity, poor grades, sleep problems and behavioral issues (, 2015).

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Cord Blood Stem Cells vs Bone Marrow Stem Cells

Stem cell transplants are designed to replace the patient’s unhealthy cells with healthy ones. The most common sources of these healthy cells are the umbilical cord blood and bone marrow.

Cord blood refers to the blood that is collected from an infant's umbilical cord after delivery, so that it may be tested, frozen, and subsequently stored cord blood bank for future use. The cord blood contains unique stem cells that can potentially treat more than 80 medical conditions.

The bone marrow, on the other hand, is extracted from the breastbone, skull, hips, ribs or spine, as these contain stem cells which produce the following types of blood cells:

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5 Early Signs of Pregnancy

A good number of women get early signs of pregnancy, especially those that consistently monitor changes in their bodies. However, it is important to point out that pregnancy symptoms vary from one woman to the other. Here are the most common early signs of pregnancy to look out for.

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Researchers Receive DoD Grant on Stem Cell Therapy for Eye Injuries

A team of researchers from the University of Illinois at Chicago recently received a multi- million dollar grant from the U.S. Department of Defence.  The grant will be used to perform a very large clinical trial into the use of stem cells for treating eye injuries.

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18 Incredible Parenting Blogs Every New Parent Should Read

You’ve done it! You’re a parent, congratulations! Amongst all the cuddles, visitors and figuring out how to parent, it’s normal to need a little reassurance that what you’re experiencing is normal and good to hear that someone else already has lived to tell the tale. Here’s our top 18 parenting blogs to help set you on the right path.

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Cord Blood FAQ: How Long Have Doctors Used Cord Blood Stem Cells?

Umbilical cord blood stem cells are often hailed as being the “future of medicine” by researchers and health experts. The capacity of cord blood stem cells to regenerate tissue is very powerful and stem cells have the potential to treat more than 80 medical conditions.

However, many people wonder how safe the use of cord blood stem cells is. Umbilical cord blood stem cells actually have a long history of safety and efficacy as this FAQ will highlight.

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What NOT to Do During Pregnancy

Being pregnant is a delicate process and proper care should be taken about the things you do during pregnancy in order not to run into some kind of complications. There are also some activities that should be minimised or completely avoided when you are pregnant.

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Paralysis from Rare Disorder: Stem Cell Therapy Trial Brings Hope

Scientists are working towards the world’s first treatment for a rare spinal condition using stem cells.  The condition, called transverse myelitis, causes inflammation in sections of the spine.  If they are successful in treating this condition, they might be able to use the technique to treat similar diseases including multiple sclerosis.

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Tips to Getting Back to Work after a New Baby

Getting back to work after a new baby may cause a flutter of inner feelings and also result in turmoil for both you as well as your precious tyke. You realise it’s about time that you should return to your job, however, your mother instincts kick in and won’t let your baby out of your sight.

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Guide to Cord Blood Banking for Twins

Saving the cord blood for your newborn baby is pretty straight-forward but what if you’re having twins? The process of cord blood banking for twins is as easy as doing it for one baby. Here are the simple steps to remember when signing up to cord blood banking for your twins:

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Guide to Caffeine Intake During Pregnancy

Caffeine is a stimulant that builds your pulse and heart rate, both of which are not suggested during pregnancy. Stimulant additionally builds the recurrence of urination. This results in the reduction of your body liquid levels and can cause dehydration. Here’s a basic guide to caffeine intake for pregnant women.

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Stem Cells Can be Turned into Heart Cells to Heal Damage

Researchers around the world continue to discover new ways to harness the powerful regenerative capabilities of human stem cells. One of the latest breakthroughs may soon allow researchers to use stem cells to heal heart damage.

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7 Toddler Behaviour Problems Parents Shouldn't Ignore

As your toddler learns more about the world and experiences new things, they will also develop behavioural traits. As a parent, you should carefully monitor the development of your toddler because behavioural problems can occur very quickly. Here are 7 toddler behaviour problems that you should watch for and how to deal with them effectively.

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Useful Tips for Successful Cord Blood Banking in UAE

The demand for saving cord blood is rapidly increasing in the UAE and other Middle East countries. Many parents have discovered the medical benefits of storing their child’s umbilical cord blood for future medical procedures and regenerative medicine. The main challenge parents face after deciding to bank their child’s umbilical cord blood is how to have a successful cord blood banking in UAE.

Here are some useful tips in choosing a cord blood bank and the process of cord blood banking:

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5 Major Benefits of Joining Antenatal Classes

Antenatal classes can be a useful way for you and your partner to prepare for the birth of your child. There are a variety of antenatal classes available which focus on different aspects of preparing for the birth of your child.

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Umbilical Cord Blood Could be Used to Fix Babies' Cleft Palates

A recent study performed by researchers in Colombia used stem cells from umbilical cord blood to repair cleft palates in children.  The results of the trial were successful and may lead to a treatment that replaces the need for bone grafts in children with this condition.

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Guide to Handling Colicky Baby for New Moms

Every prospective mother has two major fears: the challenge of giving birth and the fear of having a colicky baby. Babies are gifts – this should be the attitude with which all parents should guard themselves, as they expect their newborn babies to join them. This article will help new mums identify what are the signs of colic and the effective ways to handling a colicky baby.

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