8 Tips for Baby’s First Christmas

Dec 19 - 8 Tips for Baby’s First Christmas

Whether your baby’s arrival was at the start of the year and they’re already approaching their first birthday, or you have a little wriggly newborn, it’s baby’s first Christmas! That’s bound to tug at many heartstrings and you’ll want it to be perfect, so here’s our top tips for baby’s first Christmas.

Don’t spend too much

Now’s the time to really spend time bonding with your baby, and hopefully you and your partner are both lucky enough to have some time off work. Babies need love, attention and comfort and whilst it’s lovely to be able to spoil loved ones at Christmas, babies won’t show their appreciation for a lovingly gift wrapped pile of presents on their first Christmas. Buy something small, something you’ll want to keep as a lasting memory forever and save your pennies for next year.

Encourage others not to spend too much

Well-meaning grandparents, aunts, uncles and friends will probably want to spoil your little one rotten on their first Christmas, but gently try and persuade them otherwise for the same reasons as above. Keep it small and sentimental for baby’s first Christmas or open a bank account in baby’s name for loved ones to deposit money for their future.

Don’t forget each other

With all the excitement of celebrating baby’s first Christmas it can be easy to forget your partner. Make sure you set aside quality time to enjoy some festivities together either as a couple or as a family. Get everyone wrapped up and visit a Christmas fair or make a day of going to see Father Christmas. Or if you can leave baby in the caring hands of a loved one, go for a Christmas meal, just the two of you.


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Don’t travel if you don’t feel like it

If you’re the kind of parents who love nothing more than visiting friends and relatives, that’s great! But if you’d rather spend quality time at home as a family for baby’s first Christmas, then that’s great too. The family home is your bonding space and whether you choose to invite others into your family bubble at Christmas, well that’s up to you!

Don’t have unrealistic expectations

Christmas isn’t always as sweet as it is in the movies. Depending on where you are in the world, it probably won’t even snow like it does in so many Christmas films. If baby was unsettled the night before and you can’t keep your eyes open past 6pm, or Christmas dinner isn’t quite what you expected because of a teething baby, it doesn’t matter. Laugh about it! If at least not now, you will by next year.

Spoil the other kids

If you have other young children, make a fuss of them and make them feel important as a big brother or sister. They might feel a little disrupted by the new baby, especially at Christmas time when days are anything but routine. Comfort them and dedicate time to just you and them.

Christmas Day to a baby is just like any other day

If you’re used to a routine, it’s best to try to stick to it as much as possible during Christmas. Your newborn is still learning their routine and will feel unsettled if things aren’t normal to them. Even if you aren’t really one for a routine, remember, baby won’t realise the importance of it being their first Christmas but might be unsettled by visitors and excitement, so don’t take it personally!

Take photos, lots of them!

Baby’s first Christmas is a moment to cherish forever. Take lots of photos and videos so that you, and baby, can look over them for years to come. Enjoy!

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