6 Tips to Create Lasting Christmas Traditions for Kids

Dec 24 - 6 Tips to Create Lasting Christmas Traditions for Kids

Most of us have fond lasting memories of Christmases past. Times spent building up the excitement, wondering if Father Christmas will bring us our dream gifts, the tree, the treats and going to bed clutching our new favourite toy. Everyone wants their own kids to build those same lasting Christmas traditions and memories. Here’s how we like to create ours.

Repeat your favourite Christmas memories

There’s nothing more magical than carrying on family Christmas traditions. Take yourself back to your fondest childhood Christmas memories. Pick your favourites, mix them with your partner’s favourites and create a happy blend of next generation family traditions you’ll carry on forever.

Hand make your decorations

Even if you’re not the most creative, making decorations together as a family is a Christmas tradition that will last forever. Cover small boxes with wrapping paper and attach a string so that they can be hung from the tree, or paint shop bought baubles with images and words that have special meaning to your family. Build on your collection each year and have fun comparing your skills as the years pass by and the children get older.

Make a ritual of leaving treats for Santa

Whether it’s a mince pie, a turkey sandwich or a carrot for the reindeer, make it a regular pastime before bed on Christmas Eve. Once the children are in bed, take a few bites and leave a few crumbs behind. Imagine how excited the children will be when they wake up and see that Santa has nibbled their treats! Do the same each year and build on the excitement that Santa loves your treats and always leaves the same amount of crumbs.


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Choose a regular charity

This is a great way to all give thought to those less fortunate at Christmas. It could be a children’s home or a homeless charity, whatever it is, make a point of spending some time learning about the people it helps and how your donations make a difference. Donations don’t have to be in the form of money, they can be toys, teddies and books that were once loved that are still in a good enough condition that they can be loved again by someone else.

Make Christmas Eve calm

Everyone is bound to be excited on Christmas Eve. This excitement can often become disruptive so create a nurturing environment for the evening. Have a ritual of a favourite Christmas film and some treats for dinner, wind down and relax. But don’t make bedtime too early, you don’t want to be woken by excited children at 4am on the big day!

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