5 Best Online Resources To Learn about Cord Blood Banking

Dec 12 - 5 Best Online Resources To Learn about Cord Blood Banking

Are you expecting a new baby and interested to learn about cord blood banking? Here are some of the best online resources to help you get started:

Parents Guide to Cord Blood Foundation

The Parents Guide to Cord Blood Foundation is founded by Dr. Frances Verter, PhD. It is the best known and most respected advocate for new and expectant parents seeking to learn about cord blood banking. It also provides a wide list of public and private cord blood banks, both local and international.

Save the Cord Foundation

Expectant parents who are faced with the dilemma of whether to bank their baby’s cord blood or donate it to help others will find Save the Cord Foundation website useful. Parents will find here unbiased information in saving the cord blood. has created a unique series of articles that will help expectant parents get started on learning about cord blood banking. forum is helpful if you want to ask other parents about cord blood banking. Most members are friendly and they will give you advice based on their personal experiences regarding cord blood banking.


The Cells4Life stem cell case studies provide updated news and clinical reports about stem cells. Cells4Life has also released a clinical update which contains the latest research into stem cell therapies and provides a comprehensive guide to learn about cord blood banking for expectant parents.

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Trying to learn cord blood banking can be overwhelming, but remember that you don’t need to take in all information at once. It is better to start researching early so you can take your time and really think about your choices before making any decisions.


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