4 Effective Ways to Work from Home with Kids during COVID-19 Outbreak

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During the COVID-19 Outbreak, so many people are having to work from home. It ensures they stay safe while providing them with a steady income. However, with so many schools now closed, it does mean a lot of parents are having to take care of their children while working from home too. It’s difficult to concentrate when you have your kids at home. After all, they easily get distracted and often a short attention span. However, it doesn’t have to mean you don’t meet your targets. Therefore, here are four effective ways to work from home with kids during COVID-19 Outbreak.

1. Plan the day out with activities for kids

To work from home effectively, planning is key to making it work. You need to make sure every part of the day is planned with fun activities to keep your little ones busy. It’s not going to work if you plan everything last-minute. So the night before you work, you should think about a few good activities that will keep the kids busy. Some physical activities are great to tire them out and you can add a film into the day for them to relax in front of for an hour or two. That way, you are able to get on with your work.

2. Do make sure you spend time with them

The best way to ensure you can effectively work from home with the kids is to have a good balance. After all, if you just work and ignore the kids, they will become frustrated and you won’t complete the work at hand. Therefore, ensure you take breaks as necessary to read a story and play with your children. That way, they won’t mind as much when you need to return to your desk.


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3. Find an ideal working environment

To ensure you get your work done, you need to make sure you have a good working environment. After all, if you try to work in the living room with the kids, you are never going to complete the work on time. So make sure you find an area of your home where you have plenty of light, some quietness and space to work.

4. Schedule your own work

As well as organising your kids, you need to sort out your own work schedule to make sure you complete everything on time. If you don’t plan ahead what you are going to work on, you might not finish the work. Write down exactly what you are going to do during the different times of the day so you know what to do next. That way, if the kids distract you, you can go back to your organiser and get straight back to the task. There are plenty of online organisers to help you plan your day.

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