3 Important Things to Do When Saving the Cord Blood


Giving birth is an exciting moment but it can also be very stressful especially for first time parents. To help make sure that you will be able to collect the cord blood here are some of the important things you should do when saving the cord blood.

1. Inform your doctor or midwife that you want to collect the cord blood.

Let your doctor or midwife know in advance about your plan of saving the cord blood so that they can perform the collection right after you gave birth to your baby and after the umbilical cord is cut away. Many OB-GYNs and midwife are aware of how to do the cord blood collection but if in case this is the first time, our Cells4Life cord blood specialists can provide training and other useful learning materials on how to do it properly.

2. Bring the kit with you to the hospital on the day of delivery.

To make sure that you won’t forget to bring the cord blood collection kit to the hospital, keep it beside the other important things you will take with you to the hospital such as the maternity bag. We do not advise parents to keep the cord blood collection kit in the car or anywhere outside the house since the temperature can be very hot or cold which could damage the kit.

3. Call us before and after the delivery.

Call one of our cord blood specialists on the day of your delivery so that we can be on standby and ready to assist if you will have problems during the collection process. Call us again after the delivery and when the collection is done so that we can help you arrange for the courier pick-up. We use a special cord blood collection kit that has a built-in cooling system that helps maintain the cord blood sample’s viability until it reaches our lab in the UK.

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