3 Amazing Facts About Stem Cell Treatment

Sep 29 - Facts About Stem Cell Treatment

The average human body consists of about 37 trillion individual cells.  These cells include fully developed specialised cells like skin cells, lung cells, and bone cells.  It also includes microscopic stem cells, which are powerful cells that perform many important roles in the human body.

The main role of stem cells is to create other types of cells.  Skin stem cells will create skin cells, allowing your body to maintain its skin and heal from minor injuries.  Bone stem cells are the reason why your bone fractures can heal over time. Stem cells are very active, constantly creating new cells, replicating, and repairing the body.

Researchers have managed to harness the power of stem cells and use them to treat  more than 80 different illnesses.  That includes many forms of blood cancer, metabolic disorders, arthritis, and immune system disorders.  Scientists also continue discover new uses for stem cells.

Many stem cell treatments are performed using umbilical cord blood stem cells.  These are very young cells sourced from the discarded umbilical cord and placenta of a newborn baby.  Cord blood is obtained after the baby is born — with no risk for the mother or child.  It is a completely painless procedure that takes as little as 15 minutes.


Here are three more amazing facts about cord blood stem cells:

1) Stem cells begin healing some conditions very quickly

Stem cells transfusions can begin to work astonishingly quickly. For example, when stem cells are giving to a patient with arthritic knees, they will begin to heal tissue within 15 minutes.

2) You can fit many more cord blood stem cells in a sample compared to adult stem cells

Umbilical cord blood stem cells are smaller than adult stem cells. They are also less-developed, which makes them less likely to trigger an immune system reaction in the recipient.  Cord blood stem cells also have anti-microbial and anti-inflammatory properties.

3) Stem cells can speed up the body’s ability to heal

The mere of presence of additional stem cells can trigger the human body to speed up its healing processes. So when a patient receives a localised transfusion of stem cells to heal damage in a specific part of their body, the body will respond by sending more resources to that part of the body.

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