What to Expect in Antenatal or Childbirth Classes

Antenatal or childbirth classes can be incredibly important in giving you the information and confidence you need to take care of yourself and your baby. Although no two births are the same, a little bit of preparation and general knowledge will give you a much better idea what to expect. So, what do your antenatal classes consist of?

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Way of Monitoring Stem Cells May Aid Parkinson’s Treatment

A team of researchers in the United States has developed a new biosensor system that makes it easier to monitor how stem cells change into mature cells. This breakthrough will help scientists understand the progression of diseases like Parkinson’s disease, making it easier to develop effective treatments.

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5 Best Online Resources To Learn about Cord Blood Banking

Are you expecting a new baby and interested to learn about cord blood banking? Here are some of the best online resources to help you get started:

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What Happens to my Child's Cord Blood Sample if I Bank it Privately?

One of the most common questions from expectant parents interested in private cord blood banking is “How does the entire process work?”

This blog post will explain the steps involved when you decide to bank your child’s cord blood in a private cord blood bank.

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What is Newborn Screening and Why is it Important?

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All new parents want the best for their baby and a constant worry is whether or not the baby is healthy. Screening tests are one way of determining if a baby has any health risks.

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Stem Cell Transplant Reverses Disabling MS-like Disease

A new study from Northwestern Medicine and the Mayo Clinic has described how stem cells can be used to treat a rare neurological disease. The condition, called neuromyelitis optica, can cause sufferers to become blind and lose the ability to walk within a few years of diagnosis.

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5 Top Parenting Tips for the Holiday Season

The Holiday Season, it’s a time of family, friends and fun, but often mixed with a little sprinkle of disruption and too much excitement! Here’s our top parenting tips for the holiday season.

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10 Cord Blood Facts Expecting Parents Should Know

This post has been originally published in May 2017 and has been completely revamped and updated for accuracy and comprehensiveness.

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What Every Pregnant Woman Should Know about Prenatal Ultrasound

Every pregnant women is likely to be offered an ultrasound scan and many look forward to them with glee. For those who are unsure, this blog post is going take a look at what a prenatal ultrasound is and what it means for you.

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Simple Ways to Establish Healthy Eating Habits for Your Baby

It’s important to establish healthy eating habits early on in your baby’s life. By doing so, you’re enabling them to be more likely to maintain healthy eating habits as they grow up. This article is going to look at how to establish healthy eating habits for your baby.

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