8 Ways to Take Care of Yourself during Pregnancy

Whether you’re already pregnant, or are planning to have a baby soon, there are some important things to remember in order to take care of yourself during pregnancy. Making these a top priority throughout the nine months will ensure the health of both you and your baby.

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Regenerating Knee Cartilage Using Stem Cells: Clinical Trial Underway

A new research project intends to determine if knee cartilage can be regenerated using stem cells.  The project is being performed by the Orthopaedics & Sports Medicine in Gulf Breeze, Florida.

This exciting new study is being led by Dr. Adam Anz, an orthopaedic surgeon at Andrews Institute.  It is the United State’s first Phase II trial for using stem cells to treat knee injuries to be approved by the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

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Practical Guide to Newborn Care Part 2: Newborn Feeding

Many of the common concerns that new parents have about their baby are related to newborn feeding behaviour. Common questions include:

  • How many times a day should my newborn be feeding?
  • How much should they ingest with each feeding?
  • When can I switch them to the bottle?
  • What are the main difference between breast milk and formula?

Thankfully, years of research have gone into answering those questions for parents. Here is a practical guide to newborn care that will talk about feeding to help you understand this crucial component of taking care of your infant.

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Reasons to Consider Umbilical Cord Stem Cell Banking in UAE


Stem cell banking in UAE is becoming increasingly popular as parents discover more about umbilical blood stem cells and their medicinal capabilities. These stem cells are already used in nearly 80 medical procedures and have saved the lives of many people diagnosed with leukaemia, immune system disorders, lymphoma and other diseases.

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Scientists Closer To Growing Replacement Hearts Using Stem Cells

Scientists have been using stem cells to treat cancer, metabolic disorders, and blood disorders for many years, saving thousands of lives. Exciting new research breakthroughs suggest that they may soon be using stem cells to grow new organs for transplant patients.

Research published by scientists from Australia’s Monash University shares one of the most recent breakthroughs in the stem cell field. The researchers managed to identify an important stem cell protein called Meox1.

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Is Alkaline Water Good for Children?

Alkaline water has been recognised to provide a wide range of benefits to your health, including an improvement in energy and metabolism. Although adults can readily benefit from alkaline water, is this the same for children?

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Simple Guide to Sleeping Well During Pregnancy

As your bump starts to grow, it’s going to become an increasing challenge to get a good night’s sleep. By following the tips in this article, you will finally be able to sleep well during pregnancy.

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New Study in Using Stem Cells as Treatment for Liver Disease

Researchers in Singapore have just announced a new clinical trial that tests the effectiveness of using stem cells as treatment for liver disease. The four-year trial will cost $2.6 million and involves 46 patients. Researchers hope it will demonstrate the viability of stem cells as treatment for liver disease.

There is currently a very long waiting list for liver transplants in Singapore, which makes the study of particular interest to the general public. Most liver transplants are used to treat end-stage liver cirrhosis, which can be fatal.

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Practical Guide to Newborn Care Part 1: Newborn Sleeping

When parents bring a newborn baby home for the first time, they want to ensure that the baby is healthy, happy and everything is progressing well.  One common concern for new parents is how long and how often their newborn should be sleeping.

Newborn sleeping patterns can be unusual to say the least!  Here is a simple guide to newborn care that will specifically talks about how to help your newborn sleep well.

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6 Tips to Eating Healthy While Breastfeeding

Many moms will make a conscious effort to breastfeed their child after birth. It's not for everyone, as some new moms will find breastfeeding impossible (or simply prefer not to) and some babies don't agree with breast milk. However, if this is something you want to do, here are 6 of our top tips for eating healthy while breastfeeding.

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